Support the Sanctuary and "sponsor" an education "ambassador" animal.
Rockfish Wildlife Sanctuary cares for thousands of animals each year, including a number of  permanent animal residents whose injuries and/or associated behavioral modifications mean they cannot be returned to the wild.
These animals – including hawks, owls, opossums, snakes, and turtles – are important ambassadors for the Sanctuary . Many appear with our outreach staff at school assemblies, in classrooms, and at other events across Virginia.
A one year sponsorship is $50.​​​​​​​
Your donation helps provide food, shelter, and medical care for the sponsored animal and supports the Sanctuary’s educational outreach programs.
"Sponsor an Ambassador" also makes a unique and memorable gift … for a child … student … friends and family. Contact us at for more information.


Please consider becoming a Sustaining Donor by making an automatically recurring monthly donation that is secure and easy. (You may use a credit card or an automatic bank transfer. Both methods are secure and safe.)
Setting up a monthly Rockfish Wildlife Sanctuary gift is easy. Here’s what you need to do:
To set up Sustaining Donor contributions through a credit card:
Simply click the above Donate button and fill in your info. 
To set up Sustaining Donor contributions through an automatic electronic funds transfer:
Please print out, complete and return this Transfer Authorization Form; we will send you an email to let you know that your transfer authorization has been set up. 
Please note: Your participation in the Sustaining Donor Program may be adjusted or canceled at any time. Just email us at

Rockfish Wildlife Sanctuary is proud to be a part of the largest workplace giving program in Virginia — a program that enables employees to make donations to their favorite charities through a payroll deduction system.  
The Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign, for charitable giving by state employees. The Center’s CVC identification number is 3200.
The Sanctuary isn’t a federal or state agency – we rely on the generous support of caring individuals to provide quality care to thousands of animals in need each year.
Contributions the Sanctuary received through this campaign can help provide antibiotics and anti-fungal medication for our education animals … or materials to rebuild a shelter … or food for a malnourished and orphaned red fox kit.
Thank you for your consideration!

When you include the Sanctuary in your estate planning, you can be confident that whatever you give will be carefully used to advance your goals.
There are many ways to support the Sanctuary through estate planning – starting with a will. You may also amend your current will with a codicil to designate a gift to the Sanctuary.
You may also help support wildlife by naming the Sanctuary as the beneficiary of your:
Life insurance policies  • IRAs or other retirement accounts
Stocks, bonds, or other securities • Mutual funds or bank accounts
In many cases, these beneficiary designations may be made online or with a quick telephone call.
Other planned-giving vehicles
Through wise estate planning, you may be able to receive significant tax and income benefits during your lifetime, through remainder trusts and gift annuities.
We encourage you to consult your attorney, financial advisor, or bank trust officer for information about which option might be best for you. 

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