The two most common reasons Eastern Box Turtles arrive at the the Sanctuary are collisions with a moving vehicle or being hit with a lawn mower/gardening equipment. If this has occurred, do not attempt to clean or repair the shell on your own. Because the shell is living tissue, the turtle may be in great pain. Rockfish Wildlife Sanctuary has the proper tools available to repair shells and monitor healing. Place the turtle in a box with air holes. Do not put an eastern box turtle in water as box turtles are terrestrial not aquatic. Do not feed turtle. Do not give or apply medications.
If a healthy eastern box turtle is found in the road, please help it across by moving it in the same direction it was facing. These turtles are often egg-laden females searching for a nesting site. Never relocate an eastern box turtle to a new habitat as they have small home territories. Moving turtles out of their home range can also spread disease. Because their populations are declining, never take a box turtle from the wild to keep as a pet.
Please call us with any questions.
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