Rabbits are one of the most difficult animals to rehabilitate, and should be left in nature as much as possible. We receive frequent calls from concerned animal lovers asking about the nest of bunnies they have just discovered in their yard, and the best advice is almost always to wait. Mother rabbits intentionally only visit the nest twice each day to feed their young, in order to avoid the attention of predators. If you are concerned that there is an orphaned nest, an easy test can be conducted using sticks near the entrance. Place 2-3 twigs over the nest in an “x” formation, and when the mother visits her young she will disrupt it. If the twigs remain untouched overnight, the babies are likely to need your help, at which point you should call us to arrange transport. During your phone call to the Sanctuary, in the event that we advise assisting the animal, we will probably recommend that you place orphaned or injured baby rabbits in a small box with cloths and kept warm. As with any animal, keep a cover over them but remember they need enough ventilation to breathe! Please do not attempt to feed the babies, and keep them safely separate from house pets and children. If your cat or dog has brought a baby bunny inside, please call us before attempting to replace the baby in the nest.
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