Baby Skunk

Just like most other mammals, skunks are born in numbers, so if you find one baby, there are likely more nearby. If you suspect that a skunk has been orphaned, give us a call before capturing them and bringing them in for rehabilitation. During your phone call, in the event that we advise assisting the animal, we will likely recommend that you take the baby inside and place in a box with soft, clean cloths and keep warm, either with a heating pad or a warm water bottle. Keeping the animal away from all pets and children is important! Because skunks are at high-risk of carrying rabies, we will likely advise that you either avoid direct handling or use gloves to handle babies. Do not offer them any food unless advised by a licensed wildlife rehabilitator!

Injured Adult Skunk

Call Rockfish Wildlife Sanctuary immediately if you find an injured adult skunk. Do not attempt to capture the animal until you talk to a member of RWS. If immediate action is needed, wear thick gloves, throw a towel or blanket over the animal, and scoop it into a box or crate.
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