Many of the opossums that we rehabilitate at RWS come from the pouch after the mother has been hit by a car. If you hit an opossum or notice one laying in the road, and you are in a reasonably safe place to stop, carefully check the pouch (located on mom’s stomach) for babies. Orphaned opossums will not survive without your help if they have not left their mother’s pouch. Should you encounter opossum orphans, call the Sanctuary. During your phone call to the Sanctuary, in the event that we advise assisting the animal, we will probably recommend that you immediately place them in a container and keep as warm as possible. Do not attempt to feed these animals. Also, make every effort to keep them separate from house pets or children. Chances are that you’ll find more than one! Opossums can have up to twelve babies in one litter. Baby opossums live inside of their mother’s pouch for the first two months following birth, and then tend to ride on her back for several more months while they learn the ropes of opossum life. If one falls off, the mother will not go looking for him or her, so occasionally you may find a single baby opossum.
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