Baby Raccoon

Raccoons are often mistakenly identified as orphaned. Raccoon mothers sometimes change locations and will leave a juvenile raccoon behind, returning to it later. Before intervening with raccoons, we always recommend waiting to determine whether an animal is truly orphaned. Before encountering any raccoon, call the sanctuary. During your phone call, in the event that we advise assisting the animal, we will recommend that you wear gloves and long sleeves when handling raccoons. Take the raccoon inside and place in a box with soft, clean cloths and keep warm, either with a heating pad or a warm water bottle. Please keep the animal separate from any pets, for everyone’s safety. If you have found a baby raccoon, chances are there will be siblings nearby. If the baby was found at the base of a tree, the nest is likely in the tree. Keep an eye out for more babies, and thoroughly search the surrounding area: raccoons are adventurous and will travel if hungry!
Injured Adult Raccoon

Call Rockfish Wildlife Sanctuary immediately if you find an injured adult raccoon. Do not attempt to capture the animal until you talk to a member of RWS. If immediate action is needed, wear thick gloves, throw a towel or blanket over the animal, and scoop it into a box or crate.
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