Nathou Attinger
Founder, Executive Director & VicePresident 

Nathou (pronounced Nah-Too) has been an animal lover her whole life. She loves to garden, read, spend time with dogs, cats, her cockatoo and her partner. When she can be found she is very often covered in Virginia clay and mulch.

Anju Grover

Anju works in the non-profit finance industry to make a living. Outside of that, she sleeps a lot and when she’s not sleeping, she’s cooking. She’s a fabulous chef according to her kids, furry and human. Most importantly, she has a deep love for nature and specifically, animals! 

Kaki Dimock

Kaki is an artist, social worker and serious fan of wild animals. She cares for five special needs dogs and six acres in Southern Albemarle. She doesn't care for loud music or Khaki pants.


Patty is one of the founding board members and her specialty is writing grants for RWS. She is grateful for the generosity of this community in supporting RWS and loves hearing about how hard people work to rescue wildlife. Patty lives with her husband, Jeff McCormack and their beloved dog, Maisie, in Albemarle County.

Bev Butler​​​​​​​

"From social worker to financial planner to becoming an aficionado of wildlife - what a journey"

Gillian Bearns

Gillian is an attorney specializing in land use, historic resources and land conservation. She lives on a farm in Albemarle County with an array of adopted animals including two dogs, two cats, two geriatric horses and an opinionated donkey. She enjoys being surrounded by native wildlife and is grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the work of RWS.
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